Airtight Food Storage Containers

Airtight food storage containers will keep your perishable food from going bad and greatly extend the shelf life of your food storage. Make airtight cans, buckets, totes, and other containers a major part of your food storage systems. Keeping your products away from excessive oxygen and moisture is critical to your food storage safety.

A neat trick in storing products in air tight food storage containers is to drop a small piece of dry ice into the container prior to filling it up. Set the lid on top of the container, but don't seal it. Let the dry ice expand into a gas for about 30 minutes, then seal the lid on. This effectly removes the air from the container prior to you sealing it up because the C02 is heavier than air and will stay in the container.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, or places on the internet to find food storage containers that provide the maximum protection and freshness for your food storage items. We have several options in our online store. Another great place to shop for all of your emergency preparedness needs is Nitro-Pak. Be sure to search our website for other great food storage ideas and food storage systems that will help you to create an airtight environment for your consumable goods.


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