Camping Food Storage

Camping food storage techniques and tools can help you in times of emergencies as well. The circumstances are virtually the same - no electricity, possibly little shelter, and you may be on the move.

The key to food storage in the outdoors is to keep your supply dry and away from animals. Use easy-to-carry foods that are light, such as dehydrated foods or MREs. Store them in air tight food storage containers and keep them in a backpack. If you planning to stay in one location and not trek around, consider using a bear box to store all of your foods. This is simply a large box made out of metal or wood that protects your belongings from larger animals. Remember, many animals are extremely sensitive to smell. For example, a bear can smell 100 times better than a dog. So keep your food inventories sealed up and in containers that are too hard from animals to open.

Food storage safety is a priority when away from home. Give extra thought to where and how your food is being stored. That extra preparation and precaution will save you a lot of trouble down the road.


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