Campus Emergency Preparedness

If you are away at shool, knowing your campus emergency preparedness plan is a vital necessity. I'm sure this is the first thing you will think of when you arrive at school...NOT! Well, if you're reading this, at least you have given some thought to emergency preparedness. That's a great step!

Emergency preparation can take on even more importance away from home. Most campuses have a fairly detailed emergency preparedness plan available in booklet for or on the internet. That plan should give you direction on what to do in case of most naturally occuring disasters (earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) as well as fire, utility failure, hazardous materials incidents, and civil unrest.

First, have key phone numbers readily available. Next, understand where to turn for information. Whether it's the campus radio station or a campus-wide alert system, gain an understanding of where disaster information will come from. Finally, know where you are supposed to go for each given type of emergency.

Get yourself a 72 hour kit to keep in your room or apartment. Last weekend's pizza may not last long during an emergency situation!

Most college and work campuses are crowded, which is why it is so vital to understand the unique directions given to provide for your safety during crisis situations. While this is probably the last thing you care to think of when you arrive at school, it should take very little time to get yourself prepared now...your survival depends on it.


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