Can Food Storage

A can food storage system is one of the easiest methods of building and maintaining your inventory of nourishment during an emergency. Whether you purchase canned food or do the canning yourself, virtually all canned foods have a 12 month shelf life. This makes it easy to use for your regular meals allowing you to replenish it as it is being used. Best of all, and general speaking, cans are easy to store - more on that later!

Besides commercially produced canned food, it is best to take any freeze dried or dehydrated foods and place them in a 10# can. These are easy to handle and store and are an excellent form of an airtight food storage container. You can use them to store grains and other bulk items as well.

There are several vendors on the internet that offer unique storage solutions for cans. In the upcoming weeks, we'll be discussing them in more detail right here on this page - so stay tuned!


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