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Tsunami Science (What is a Tsunami?)

Ever wanted to learn some tsunami science or asked, "what is a tsunami?" Let us help explain.

Continue reading "Tsunami Science (What is a Tsunami?)"

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage

These food storage tips will help you assemble your emergency preparedness food storage effectively.

Continue reading "Emergency Preparedness Food Storage"

72 Hour Survival Kits

Don't know where to begin in assembling your 72 hour survival kits? Let us give you the blueprint and show your how. Looking to buy instead? We can show you where.

Continue reading "72 Hour Survival Kits"

Survival Preparedness For Emergency - How the Weather Works

In order to perform survival preparedness for emergency situations, one must understand how mother nature works her magic.

Continue reading "Survival Preparedness For Emergency - How the Weather Works"

Military Surplus MRE

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are the pefect addition to your food storage of 72 hour kit. We'll help you find the best military surplus MRE for your needs.

Continue reading "Military Surplus MRE"

Emergency Preparation in My Country

My country, Bangladesh, is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Poor people who live along the coastline of southern part Bangladesh

Continue reading "Emergency Preparation in My Country"

Contribute To Emergency Preparation HQ

Submit your story here to the Emergency Preparation site for everyone to see.

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What is an Earthquake

Have you been wondering - what is an earthquake? Let us tell you how earthquakes occur and what you should do to be prepared for them.

Continue reading "What is an Earthquake"

What is a Tornado?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "what is a tornado?" Let us educate you on tornadoes and how to be prepared for them.

Continue reading "What is a Tornado?"

What is a Hurricane

Have you ever asked yourself, what is a hurricane? Let us teach you a little about hurricanes as well as how to prepare for them.

Continue reading "What is a Hurricane"

Vegetarian MRE

MREs aren't the cardboard-tasting meals they used to be. Now, even vegetarians have options with a vegetarian mre.

Continue reading "Vegetarian MRE"

Tsunami Preparedness

Tsunami Preparedness Plan

Continue reading "Tsunami Preparedness"

Tornadoes Pictures

Get ready to share those tornadoes pictures with the emergency preparedness community.

Continue reading "Tornadoes Pictures"

Tornado Preparedness Plan

Assemble your tornado preparedness plan before it's too late.

Continue reading "Tornado Preparedness Plan"

Tornado Pictures

Have some awesome tornado pictures to share? Here's the place to show and tell of your brush with mother nature.

Continue reading "Tornado Pictures"