Emergency Preparation in My Country

by Ela

My country, Bangladesh, is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Poor people who live along the coastline of southern part Bangladesh are the victims of natural calamities, such as cyclones and floods.

Unfortunately Bangladesh plants nearly half of its total rice production in the flood areas. People who live there are always at risk that the rice crops will be ruined by too much water.

Years ago, there was a lack of information or alerts about what was happening. But now the situation has improved. People have become more concerned about this and are always prepared to fight against these natural calamities. A number of shelters have been built areas where people can bring their livestock and possession.

Because my family lives in a vulnerable area, we have to be prepared for emergencies. We have built our house above ground level so that flood water cannot enter in our house. My mother is also prepared for any kind of natural disaster. She grows vegetables (similar to pumpkins) on the roof, and fruit trees like mango and jackfruit that can be eaten during or after the floods. She always stocks some dry food in a safe and easily reachable area in our house. Because flooding can contaminate water supplies, the top of the pipe of our tube-well has been extended so that it's above flood water level.

In the most vulnerable areas, people are provided radios. When anyone hears any special broadcasts on the radio, she or he goes straight to the mosque and makes an announcement over the microphone so that everyone can hear at the same time and can take required preparation.

I feel that my family and I are prepared for emergencies. It's important to be safe.

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