Emergency Preparedness Course
Emergency Preparedness Seminars

Signing up for an emergency preparedness course or seminar is a particularly wise decision, especially if you live in areas subject to many natural calamities. Having formal training in disaster survival techniques and learning how to help others in times of need can make you a valuable asset to your community.

First, check with your local police and fire departments or your local chapter of the American Red Cross to see what training programs they may have scheduled. Another option is the internet. There are many courses and seminars available to you online or that you may order in the form of books, DVDs, or CD-ROMs.

For those of you wanting to pursue a career in emergency management, there are several universities that offer degrees in the subject.

In the upcoming weeks we will add links to some of the best courses, seminars and college programs that can help you fulfill your desire to learn more about emergency preparedness. Be sure to bookmark us and check back soon!

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