Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Preparing for the Unexpected

Does the thought of assembling an emergency preparedness plan leave you feeling overwhelmed? You are NOT alone!

Let the Emergency Preparation HQ ease your burdens. We will attempt to summarize everything you need to do. No matter what your situation may be, we will give you the emergency preparedness tips you need to get ready for the unknown. Use the integrated text links in the paragraphs below to see additional information.

Mother Nature seems to be wreaking havoc with much greater fury and with increased activity throughout the world. Your first priority in any emergency is to ensure your ability to survive. Regardless of the event, all disaster plans should begin with access to proper food storage.

Preparing for natural disasters is not as difficult as you may think. Each strategy begins with a basic 72 hour kit containing food storage and emergency supplies. From there, each type of event may necessitate a slight twist or added concerns for your planning purposes.

Hurricanes and tropical storms travel slow enough that there is often time to arrange last minute details. Winter storms and extreme cold are also predictable enough that you may have at least a day to prepare accordingly. Tornados and earthquakes, however, are unpredictable, leaving you with no time to gather your thoughts, let alone develop a response plan. Similarly, for those of you living in coastal areas around the equator, a tsunami offers no reaction time either. If you are away from home at school or have a child that is a college student, be sure to assemble a campus emergency preparedness plan. Do this as soon as you get to your new school as it will help you to get familiar with your new surroundings as well as the rules and regulations. Regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us, the time to act is now.

Most of the world's population is unprepared for the slightest bit of adversity. Remove your stress by reviewing these plans, gathering the necessary supplies for your emergency preparedess kit, and putting them in a safe place where you know you can quickly get to them. You'll be thankful you did when the time comes to use them.


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