Prepare for the Gas Masks War!

The gas masks war is on. As the threat of bioterrorism increases, more and more individuals and families are purchasing protective gas masks, or respirators, to add to their emergency preparedness supplies. Military gas masks are found everywhere on the internet. Be sure to research your purchase carefully to ensure that you are receiving a gas mask that has been rated by proper agencies.

Because of their increasing popularity, you need to make sure the gas mask you are purchasing is new and will provide the proper protection as stated. There are several types of gas masks you need to avoid, many of which are termed "surplus" gas masks. These include:

  • Surplus US military gas masks
  • Canadian M69 C-3 gas masks
  • Israeli surplus gas masks
  • Russian surplus gas masks

In the upcoming weeks we will provide you with our recommended best masks on the market today. Be sure to bookmark us and come back soon!


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