Hurricane Survival Plan

For those of you living in coastal areas, having a hurricane survival plan should be a top priority. Those of you who haved lived in those regions for a great deal of time are probably used to the annual inconvenience of an approaching storm. Those of you new to the area should consider getting a plan in place now. Speak to the locals to learn how hurricanes impact the town that you live in. Hurricane survival is not difficult as many of today's modern conveniences provide the comforts to get through the 1-2 day drama. However, you must be smart and use common sense when preparing for an oncoming storm.

Hurricanes can cause massive amounts of damage, mostly through flooding, storm surge, high winds, and tornadoes. Today's technology makes it much easier to track hurricanes, however there is always a risk of a sudden change in direction. For this reason, you should have your hurricane preparedness plan ready to implement at any time.

Before the Hurricane

  • Have your 72 hour kit assembled including the proper water and food storage.
  • Have shutters on your windows or be prepared to put plywood over them.
  • Have a weather radio available to listen for updated storm reports.
  • Keep your gas tank filled up when you first hear news of a potential storm heading your direction.

During a Hurricane

  • Keep windows and doors shut. Windows should remain boarded up.
  • Listen to the radio or tv for information.
  • Turn the temperature on your refrigerator to the coldest setting (in case power goes out).
  • Fill the bathtub with water to use for sanitary purposes - not to drink it!
  • If instructed to evacuate, do so.

After a Hurricane

  • Inspect your home for damage. Turn off utilities if you smell gas or see sparks.(Definitely if you have both situations!)
  • Listen to local tv or radio reports to determine of the water supply has been contaminated.
  • Be careful if searching through any debris. Watch out for poisonous snakes or other animals.
  • Call your insurance company if necessary.

Do not mess around with Mother Nature. If you experience the eye of a hurricane passing over your home, stay inside. The calm air and blue sky will tempt you to go aside and look around. When the other side of the eye hits, the rain and wind will arrive quickly. Be smart and stick to your emergency preparedness plan.


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