MRE Cookbook

Looking for ways to "spice up" that dull food storage inventory? An MRE cookbook is just what you need to mix things up a bit. These cookbooks are full of recipes and ways to enhance your MRE contents. Believe it or not, there are a few books out in the market today offering not only a variety of food storage recipes, but also specific instructions on making a great tasting meal with your MREs.

Two of the more popular MRE titles include:

  • "MRExcellence Cookbook" by Vickie Walters. This book is now out-of-print, but you can still find many copies available for sale all over the internet.
  • "The Unofficial MRE Recipe Booklet" by The McIlhenny Company (famous producers of Tabasco brand products.) You can find this book for sale on their website at

You can find these copies of these cookbooks on the internet simply by typing the title into your favorite search engine or by checking out Be sure to check our online store for more emergency preparedness books and better ways to add variety to your food storage meals.


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