MRE Entree

The MRE entree is no longer a cardboard-tasting indescribable cross between a solid and a liquid. Today's military surplus mre not only provides required nourishment, but actually has recognizable taste as well!

You name it, and you can probably find it in a wholesale mre. From chicken to steak, pastas to enchiladas, the range of foods are almost limitless.

The entree is the main portion of your meal. When you purchase an mre, pay close attention to what you are buying. You can either buy entire MRE meals which might run $6-$8 or you can purchase the entrees alone, which will cost you less. If you have ample food storage, you might consider just buying the entrees that you can supplement with sides and deserts from your own inventory. If you want to keep your 72 hour kit simple, purchase the entire mre meal.

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