Solar Powered Generator

Finally, the cost of a solar powered generator has started to come down. Thoughts of harnessing the sun's energy has been around for quite some time, and why not...the sun's solar energy is free! The only problem is, the technology used to convert that solar power to a usable form has been quite expensive.

Even today, installing a system to convert your entire home to solar power will cost you almost as much as the home itself. However, for emergency use and for powering individual devices, a solar powered charger or generator is an excellent addition to your emergency preparedness supplies. You can even build your own portable solar charger.

In the upcoming weeks we will provide recommendations for your best solar power options. For now, search the web for a solar powered charger. There are tons of sites that will help you build your own solar generator or allow you to purchase one. Be sure to bookmark us and come back soon!


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