Surplus Gas Masks

Owning your own surplus gas masks is becoming more and more common. They are no longer just for the paranoid crazies who are portrayed on television barricading themselves in an underground bunker full of ammunition and a military gas mask awaiting the end of the world. Fight the gas masks war by purchasing a protective gas mask.

There are many types of gas masks on the market today. Make sure you research the type of conditions that the mask protects you from. Gas masks function through the use of special canisters that are screwed into the respirator portion of the mask itself. It is these canisters that actually filter and remove the hazardous materials from the air you are breathing. Make sure the cannisters you purchase offer full protection against all known biological and chemical agents. And don't forget to puchase additional cannisters along with your gas mask.

A good gas mask will cost you between $100 and $200 with a cannister. Some may be more depending on what you are looking for. In the upcoming weeks we will be adding more research here on gas masks as well as links to the most popular gas masks on the market. Be sure to bookmark us and return in early February for further information.

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